Living Room

For a room that functions as an extension 

of personal space, the pieces had to be work 

relaxation and sleep-friendly. Plus, Good worth

 Creation has a strong Indian aesthetic, so we

chose contemporary designswith classic

silhouettes. The slatted back and  open sides of

the sofa, the rust- coloured carpet, and

light cotton  curtains perfectly  complement the teak

 finish.And together, they create an enhanced sense of space.

Dining Room

For an all-wooden look, we chose an elegant

dining set with subtle contemporary details.

The angled legs and discrete grooves are

mirrored in the matching sideboard The

dining bench keeps the space from looking

overly formal,and keeps it warm and 

inviting. The lovely overhead lamp is 

hung low, creating a spotlight for the table,

while casting a warm  glow all around.



We wanted the room to be as spacious as

possible while still carving out areas for the

crib, storage, and other bedroom essentials.

The bed anchors the space perfectly, and its

chequered headboard adds a lovely visual

texture. Discrete nightstands minus bedside

lamps create an airier feel. An off -centre

ceiling lamp allows Kaustubh to read 

(or work) in bed. With the addition of a

capacious dresser and  bookshelf.